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Reconciliation and other closely related topics are high on the Old Fella’s agenda. We’ll start with some illustrations of the INCLUSIVE nature of Australian Aboriginal Culture, beginning with the Maccassans in northern Australia around 600 or so years ago.

This INCLUSIVE quality stands in opposition to the European qualities of EXCLUSIVE and ALIENATING.

I’m studying hard to ensure that I do a good piece of work on this one as it is so important to the soul of our Country/Nation/Place where we live.


Karang Mas

Karang Mas

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Indonesia – Australia’s Ignorance


Around 300 million people of the Indonesian Archipelago are Australia’s nearest neighbours but most of us know very little about Indonesia.

The Archipelago is a huge mosaic of cultures, languages and traditions. Most Australians have heard of Bali, but Bali is merely a speck on Indonesia’s cultural and historical landscape. The Old Fella will be introducing you to many interesting topics on Indonesia, we will begin with something a little spicy; SORCERY , don’t beleive it? Just wait and see!

Creative Swearing

Australian swearing should be the best and most beautiful swearing in the world. We should stand head and shoulders above the other swearing Nations but at the moment we are lagging.

Our swearing is reviled the world over for it’s repetitiveness, predictability and simply too many expletives per sentence.

TAFS is the Old Fulla’s answer to this this Sociolinguistic backwater that we find ourselves drowning in.

On these pages I will be laying the foundation stones of The Institute of Technical and Further Swearing.(TAFS) Only through education will we regain the swearing excellence which is our birthright!

CREATIVE SWEARING is the catch phrase of the future.

The beginning.

G’day Planet,                           Originally these ideas were meant to be presented on a website, however the Blog form  is now where I will learn to crawl, stand and eventually walk. Running, at the moment is out of the question.

The first item on my agenda is the town that I live in, Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia. Our town is dying. The possibility of us becoming a Ghost Town is looming at a rapid rate of Looms! Our population is down from a peak of 30,000 in the good years to 19,000 today. Our City Councillors seem to be more interested in the current pecking order than the future of our town and the people who live here. A handfull of wheat thrown on the floor of the council chambers would cause pandemonium and be potentially as destabilising as a  Guy Fawkes style plot! The lack of stability and vision of our councillors is a “laughing stock” within the community. The local council has no vision whatsoever for the future of our town, they are hoping for a film industry to magically appear on our doorstep but have no idea of how to make it happen.

That’s the end of my first ever WordPress Post, hope you like the style, there is much, much more to come.

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